Saturday, December 24, 2005

Layton to Klein: "Back Off"

From the Truth is stranger than fiction department:

While campaigning in Alberta last week, Jack Layton told Ralph Klein to "back off" of his so-called assault on public healthcare. It seems a strange campaign move for a federal leader to attack a premier over an area of provincial authority - especially the province which is successfully lowering wait times for patients. Layton's outburst of arrogant and impassioned ignorance also highlighted the general media bias. Imagine the response and reaction had it been Harper telling Dalton McGuinty (in Ontario) to "back off" on legislating same-sex marriages?

Harper and Layton do share a similarity though, in that both leaders would allow varying rights for different citizens. Fortunately, a Harper-led parliament would have little chance of passing a restoration of the old definition of marriage (or avoiding a ruling by the Supreme Court that the definition was unconstitutional), as his official position is that the Conservative Party would allow only those already married to define themselves as such. The NDP has no chance of even forming a minority, so we don't have to worry about Layton's two-tier world - where only those private clinics already in existence are permitted to operate.


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