Sunday, December 25, 2005

Three signs that Paul Martin may be going senile at age 67:

-He thought that a picture of Duceppe and Harper speaking together at a holocaust memorial could convince Canadians that Harper is "in bed" with the seperatists.

- Since being asked to produce a copy of the $1.4 million dollar cheque he said his Party had written to our country's treasury (to return the amount of money Gomery managed to prove they had stolen), Martin has not been able to remember where he put it.

-After flying into an international Kyoto conference with an ecological footprint that stomped all over his government's one-tonne-challenge, Martin implied that a country that has reduced a greater percentage of emissions than Canada was lacking a "global conscience". This was followed by his admission that he had no idea how much of a gas-guzzler the Liberal campaign jet actually is, and that perhaps someone might look into it.

(Hey Paul: I guess you missed the taxpayer-funded primetime ad blitz, but all you have to do is follow Rick Mercer's "free" advice and call for your very own "free" government brochure on how Canadian individuals like yourself can take the challenge).


At 9:52 AM, Blogger Kent Thompson said...

Hey Angela,
It's interesting you use the stat about the percentage increase in emissions - I've seen it a few times in news stories lately. The only problem is this - Canada's increase (24%) was from 600 to approx. 750, while the US's 14% increase was from 6128 to 6994. So, while the percentage is less, the US increase is larger than the total amount emitted by Canada.

I don't want to sound like Canada is right - by no means is an increase excusable - but the US is being heralded as being much better when, in fact, they are 10 times worse.

Keep up the Liberal-bashing!

What about the Conservatives? - they have had some good ideas - tax credits for transit, talk about solutions for healthcare and an elected senate (finally!). But, Harper's recent release on the Military seems downright scary...

I know we need a change, but still don't think Harper is that much of a change. Do we vote for the devil we know or the devil we don't know?


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