Monday, December 26, 2005

Volunteer or Liberal Insider?

The Canadian Press is reporting that Mike Klander abided by the Liberals' wish for him to resign, and that the Liberals are referring to him as nothing more than a "volunteer". A quick google of "Mike Klander" returns a Liberal Party webpage, headlined "Executive Vice-President Mike Klander", where his long history of paid work for the Liberals in Ontario is documented.

In response to the growing infamy that Klander has earned with his publications, the Liberals sent out Stephen Heckbert to explain Klander's fate and remind Canadians that the "blog was personal and did not reflect the view of the federal Liberals"

"I think he recognized that there's some things that are outside
the bounds of good taste," Heckbert said. "And I think then it came
to a decision that it would be better for the party and for him if he
were to step down."

Though Klander's comments were regretful, it's not uncommon for
political blogs of all stripes to cross certain boundaries...
Partisan blogs get a little heated, particularly around election time"
he said. "You'd see some language that might curl your hair."

The spectacle of a long-time Liberal worker and government lobbyist, using an easily accessible (and forever cached) medium to write "Jack Layton is an asshole" and "his wife is is an Asian dog", just might be enough to curl some metaphorical hair.

The CPC and the NDP have been handed a textbook example of the scummy Liberal Party insiders they've been warning us about. Klander's business site, mikeklander,com, notes that he has been

an organizer in every federal and
provincial election campaign since 1988 [and] has developed a comp-
rehensive understanding of the political process and how government
operates. Building on that experience, he established Klander and
Associates; an independent government relations practice representing
clients both in Ottawa and at Queen’s Park... as a senior political
organizer Mike played a significant role in building Paul Martin’s
Leadership organization in Ontario.

Are you listening Toronto? Mike Klander is well-connected and respected in Queen's Park and Ottawa.


At 9:08 AM, Blogger Brent Edward Slater said...

Can you imagine what the Liberals could have done with this story if it was a Conservative "volunteer"?! We'd be looking at a majority Liberal government with the CBC's help. It turns out you can be a racist dirtbag no matter what party you support! But will the Liberal hegemony in Ontario suffer at all? How thick is the wool they've pulled over their eyes?

At 3:09 PM, Blogger Duke said...

Klander is a Klingon and is an insider. He like other high up liberals have disdain for those lowly fools whom they must rely on to re-elect them. It's love-hate .. mostly hate.

Thanks for visiting Duke's Place
You keep up the good work too.


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