Sunday, December 25, 2005

Who can keep up with Sheila Copps?

As annoying as Sheila Copps the Liberal cabinet minister was, I find her to be quite an interesting character now. Since leaving office in 2004 she has appeared in Le Match des Etoiles (a reality show on Radio-Canada about ballroom dancing), Train 48, and starred in a play.

She's now back onto the political scene, as advisor to the Tories in Hamilton East-Stony Creek, while publicly supporting the NDP candidate of her former riding. This Chretien cabinet minister offers up the explanation that "one-party rule is not health for the country". In her Toronto Sun column last week, readers learned that Copps has investigated the various federal parties' debtloads and can smugly report about a Liberal Party that owes $34 million on 13 different back loans. The Conservatives'debt-free status and the NDP's "modest" debt of $3 million meet her approval.

Poor old Paul Martin, his age and the fifteen cups of coffee he drinks per day are really beginning to show. I can't imagine the stress of pleading with creditors to fund a fear-a-thon of prime time ads in the post-Gomery atmosphere, while the man you originally hired to make Sheila go away is looking more and more like that mythical knuckle-dragging, racist Conservative MP you are desperately hoping and searching for.


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