Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google: Civil Libertarian/ Authoritarian Censor

The Internet has made it more difficult for the Communist Party of China to enforce its Orwellian policies, but companies anxious to tap into the huge Chinese market have decided to lend a hand.

Google released a Chinese version of its popular search engine today, which is programmed to censor search results on subjects that the communist party wants to remain in the country's growing memory hole (human rights, Tibetan independance, the persecution of falun gong practitioners - to name a few). Google demonstrated this week that it will defend civil liberties against the Bush administration, while simultaneously designing high-tech censors for the Chinese government.

Microsoft and Yahoo have also come out with technology to help Chinese authorities censor information, but unlike Google, both companies are also abiding by the demands of the US government.


At 9:41 AM, Blogger frappeur said...

Great site Angela.

I wonder what large corporation headquartered in Bermuda is getting ships built in Chinese yards.

I wonder what large corporation that makes ski-doos is building a railway to Tibet.

There are many other financial ties that could be explored.

What are human rights when there is so much money to be made by Liberal friendly firms.


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