Saturday, January 07, 2006

If only Paul Martin had an individual conscience

From the CBC:
a Liberal government would invest $1 billion over 10 years to clean up major waterways in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba, Paul Martin announced on Saturday. He said the program would tackle toxic hot spots along the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes, which together make up the world's largest fresh-water ecosystem.

So the same Paul Martin whose company, Canada Steamship Lines (now run by his sons), flew the Liberian flag to avoid paying taxes in Canada wants the rest of us (who do pay taxes in this country) to clean up the mess in the great lakes that his company helped to create?

Martin continually states the need for a global conscience, but not only did he profit from what This magazine reports to be illegal dumping in the great lakes, CSL received public money. Wikipedia notes that
On January 28, 2004 the federal government, in response to opposition party and media enquiries, revealed that CSL Group Inc. had received $162 million in federal government contracts, grants and loans since Paul Martin became Minister of Finance in 1993. Earlier figures released in 2003 had suggested CSL Group Inc. had only earned $137,000 during this time period.

Stephen Harper finally raised Paul Martin's history with CSL in a speech this week:
Mr. Martin has questioned my patriotism...the fact is Mr. Martin lived a good deal of his professional life under the flags of other countries and Mr. Martin constantly tried – and was successful, I gather – at avoiding paying taxes in Canada. That's the record.

Martin responded that he didn't know why Harper was getting personal and stated "in fact, I think that's what we want to see Canadian companies do."

Perhaps this explains why Paul Martin always qualifies his conscience as global, hypocrisy is a lot easier if you're not expected to have any personal responsibility for your actions.


At 5:31 PM, Blogger Duke said...

These people have skins as thick as a brontosaurus. They have no conscience.

I am enjoying their current discomfort.

At 12:57 AM, Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Save the Liberal party. Replace conservative industrialist Martin with a * Liberal *leader.

While my personal politics don't really matter, I think it is important to talk to as many undecided voters as possible and present this overview.

Liberal Voter ?

This time I*m voting for Harper because the Liberals need a time out to clear out the dead wood and renew . Respect for liberals is at such a low ebb, that if elected as a weak minority, the Liberal Party could go out in flames just as the Social Credit party did in B.C.

Industrialist Paul Martin at the helm makes the Liberals more of a Conservative Corporate party rather than a true Liberal party. Martin fired his Canadian marine crews and hired on non-union Central and South American crews. He also registered his Canadian Steamship Lines in Barbados in order to avoid paying Canadian taxes.
The Liberal party needs a liberal leader.

Those moves are acceptable for an industrialist but they are not appropriate for the Prime Minister of Canada. Martin is banking on the fact that most Canadian voters simply do not have the time to read the news in detail in these busy modern times.

You may be aware of the Sponsorship scandal, but that is only the tip of a very big iceberg. There are well over 200 losses and thefts of Canada*s public funds and the list is still growing.

These losses run well into the billions of dollars and have contributed to the loss of services in emergency hospital departments, schools, and countless other areas.

Today’s NDP literature refers to a minimum total scams figure of $10 billion.

Time for a Conservative vote. If the Harper team fails to do the job, we can always vote the Liberals back in and by that time the Liberals will have a new respect for integrity and efficiency and a real *Liberal* leader.
Sound logical? TG


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