Sunday, January 15, 2006

A monkey for a speechwriter?

Both Harper's and Martin's party has an official campaign "blog" on its website. The Conservatives' most recent blog entry:

Home stretch
14 January 2006
It was a big week for the Conservatives. Stephen kicked it all off with a strong, confident performance at the second round of debates in Montreal. Later on in the week, he shared a stage with the Premier Bernard Lord in Fredericton...

Predictable, confidently supportive of the party, and very different form the Liberals' blog, authored by Scott Feschuk - described as Paul Martin's chief speechwriter. Feschuk calls himself "blog boy", and features a monkey's photo next to his name. Here are some recent entries:

January 15th - Day Forty-Eight: We Saw Nude-Type People Having "Relations" in a Car Last Night on a Main Street in Montreal. I'm Just Saying.

3:04 PM - Fruit-based update: Just so there is no confusion on this most important of matters, Blog Boy gratefully accepts all gifts of canteloupe, kiwi, pineapple, diamond-encrusted Rolex watch and banana.

2:05 PM - I feel the need to go on the record with something: I have a real problem with all these polls that show we're not ahead.

My problem is that they show we're not ahead.

What I'm basically saying is that I'd prefer if we were ahead, instead of being ahead's more homely, horribly disfigured stepsister, behind.

I throw that out there in case, you know, saying so makes a difference of some kind.

What I mean to say is that I'd hate to find out Jan. 24 that all I'd needed to do was ask politely.

I'll tell you this though: with a week to go, no federal election campaign team that spontaneously sang Mandy with as much passion and verve as we just did, can possibly be counted out. And if in the end we can't beat them on the hustings, then mark my words: we shall beat them on Star Search.

Perhaps Feschuk is a contributing factor to Paul Martin's inability to form coherent sentences during the past week?

I couldn't find a blog on the NDP's website, but it does have some funny features:

Take the Liberal Culture of Entitlement Quiz

or compete for the following prize in The Great Paul Martin Credibility Hunt :

We’re giving away return airfare and hotel accommodation to any country Paul Martin used to avoid Canadian taxes, labour laws and environmental regulations – while he was finance minister – by flying other countries’ flags on his ships. From Barbados to tiny Vanuatu in the South Pacific to human-rights-abusive Liberia, Paul Martin’s company wandered the globe to find flags of convenience to fly. And if you can prove his values are more than convenient, too, you’re going on vacation to see for yourself. We’ll be announcing the winner on Friday, January 20.

or you could have downloaded cards to play bingo with over-used Martin lingo during the debate.


At 2:00 PM, Blogger RkBall said...

The Bingo card was fundamentally very, very funny.


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