Sunday, February 19, 2006

The SAFS expresses concern to UPEI

The Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship has written a letter to UPEI president Wade Maclauchlan, expressing concern about the February 8th issue of The Cadre.

Clive Seligman, president of the SAFS, notes that

Fear of possible ‘mob action’ must not be allowed to dictate to UPEI or any other Canadian university what ideas its students and faculty may express, disseminate and debate. By censoring this debate at your campus rather than taking the necessary steps to provide appropriate security to allow debate to happen, you have encouraged the view that the threat of violence, real or imagined, is an effective way to challenge ideas with which one disagrees.

Read the whole letter here.


At 11:21 AM, Blogger Pat said...

Compare the SAFS letter to the President -- which was published in the National Post on February 16, 2006 -- to this letter to the President, published on the same date, in the Charlottetown Guardian:

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Matthew said...

You know, that's a wonderful thing - getting some opinions going about the Muhammad cartoons - we should have the cartoons published in The Cadre and utilize our free speech... oh, wait - we can't - we're not aloud!

At 5:14 AM, Blogger Pat said...

Wow! The entire, uncut letter to H. Wade MacLauchlan, President of the University of Prince Edward Island, from S. Qudsia (Koli) Hoogeveen, has been posted prominently on the UPEI website (http//

Here are excerpts:

Thank you very much Mr. MacLauchlan for shedding light onto the answer. Your stand on the issue, which is lurking to destroy the peace and sanctity of humanity, and your attempt and performance to put a stop to it, is commendable -- there is still the chance, and hope, for peace and humanity after all! I hope we all can take steps in that positive direction. I also congratulate the Student Union of UPEI for taking a very positive step by offering their apology. Thank you all very much, you have set an incredible precedence of wisdom for the whole world!

Mr. MacLauchlan, I congratulate you for taking a giant step and making a significant contribution towards promoting compassion and peace through your thoughtful, prompt and very timely intervention to prevent the circulation of the controversial cartoons depicted on the University's student newspaper, The Cadre. It was very honourable on your part to stand up to do what is right. Your action has set a great example of integrity, courage, justice, and wisdom, as befits a strong chief administrator of an educational institution.


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